Alise Piebalga

Circus Performer


Arnolfini Projections

Projected installation created in collaboration with Wrap 3 for Arnolfini 'Future of Sound and Light' exhibition.


Performance/Projection created in collaboration with Wrap3. The performance consisted of two self-contained projection cubes that displayed a fractured image of the performer. The real performer within the space manipulated the cubes to re-assemble the fractured performer. 

Kinetica Projections

This was a projected installation created in collaboration with Wrap3 for Kinetica in London. Installation consisted of a performance projected onto a sculptural object. The projected performer was able to explore the object by traversing the various sides.

PhD viva projection

This was my PhD defense installation. It consisted of four round latex projection screens distributed in space. I projected a static trapeze performance across them. The movement continues from one screen into the next. Some projections have been changed, so that the perception of which way is up or down is blurred.