Photo by Craig Kirkwood

About Me

Photo by Thomas Madhavan

I am a Latvian born circus artist and trainer, performing a variety of aerial and ground based acts for circus, cabaret, street shows, festivals and commercial events.

I love challenging myself in training and performance and will bring lots of energy and plenty of enthusiasm to your event or company.

I started my training in circus on a flying trapeze, continued on static trapeze, hula hoops and swinging trapeze, which I was lucky enough to train in Montreal with the amazing Victor Fomine.

My background is probably a little unique. I grew up as a dancer and a music student. Continued my education in arts and eventually graduated with a PhD in performance and projection.

After joining the circus, I started working as a trainer and currently teach flying trapeze, static trapeze, youth circus and hula hoops. I love teaching absolute beginners. It is wonderful to see people achieving things they never thought were possible.

I update my social media regularly with training and performance videos and photos. Please follow.


Thank you,


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